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So last night at midnight I started my 3 days off from keto… I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to start after midnight or wait until morning, but when I got to the Halloween party I was going to last night and found that literally everything there was ultra carby, and I had forgotten to eat anything substantial earlier in the day… well, I opted for after midnight. But I definitely didn’t go overboard, I had a couple mini mars bars, one mini cupcake and a handful of chips, and even found that this morning I’m still apparently in ketosis. It’s strange how when you can’t have carbs, everything carb-filled seems so amazing and delicious and you want to eat it all… but when you go back to allowing yourself to eat them, they’re not all that great. Everything tasted just a bit too sweet, and the chips too oily… I think I’d be perfectly happy staying in keto, but I’ll allow myself the next few days, and ultimately eat what I want to eat (which may end up being fairly close to keto anyways).

I did enjoy a nice Bacon and Egg McMuffin this morning for breakfast, but couldn’t stomach the hashbrown (which is pretty unusual, but Jason managed to stomach it just fine :P). Overall I’m feeling a low level of “bleh-ness” today, which could be due to the carbs, or it could be equally due to the alcohol I had at the party. Although, I only had one drink at the party but being in keto drops my alcohol tolerance through the floor…

On that note, I’m just taking a small break from tidying in preparation for my birthday party tonight… I’m a little worried about how it’ll be tonight given my lowered tolerance, sometimes it’s difficult to avoid drinks when people are giving them to you as a birthday gesture 🙂 I’ll have to have Jason (my fiance) look out for me and keep me in moderation (perhaps by passing my drinks to him… god help him on Sunday lol).

Anyways, have a great day everyone and keto on!



This cake isn’t keto friendly.


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