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Normally I’d try to come up with a witty/punny title but… oh my god I feel like shit today. I need to be back in ketosis NAO! D:

So I’ve gained back 6lbs… please be water weight please be water weight please be water weight!!

I did not work out during my cheat weekend as I had originally planned… it’s amazing how sluggish carbs can make you feel. I even missed my regular rowing on Monday… I’m not too happy with myself over that… but I am in for the long haul now! No turning back!

As for today, I have decided to do a 23/1 intermittent fast* to help get me started back into ketosis. I’m also thinking of going ultra low carb (aiming for less than 15g) for the first few days to hopefully kick me straight back into keto. Maybe garlic sausage and spreadable aged cheddar again for dinner…. that stuff is delicious! I could also try making some fat bombs**, I have been meaning to try some but never have the time… but since I’m now unemployed I probably do have time 😛 …and the added fat definitely couldn’t hurt!

om nom nom fat bombs

om nom nom fat bombs

I posted on reddit just now a call out for favourite fat bomb recipes, so if you have one yourself you’d like to share, please post it here! OR you can post it in the comment section if you prefer 🙂

On a side note, I’m happy to announce that after reading my blog, one of my Facebook friends has seen the light and is coming over to keto! Well done Ayden on deciding to change your life, you won’t regret it! 😀


Keto on!



P.S. A couple definitions for those of you new to keto:

*Intermittent Fast (IF): A schedule of eating where you do not eat for the majority of the day and then try to consume your daily allotment of calories within a specific amount of time. For example, a 23/1 IF would be where you do not eat or drink anything for 23 hours (drinking water and black coffee is okay, water is of course encouraged) and then have one large meal within the remaining hour. IF can help to put you into ketosis after a carb binge, and is also a common strategy for breaking plateaus.

**Fat Bombs: A small snack that is very low carb, low protein, and very high in fat. Fat bombs are very useful for keeping your fat macros up (which happens to be a struggle for me at times) and is also a good way to get a good energy boost during the day. The Fat Bomb image above is a recipe from Low Carb Coach which has 16g fat, 1g protein, and 1g net carbs.


Comments on: "Back to keto… Day 1" (2)

  1. Ayden Storm said:

    KETO ON! *raises fist*

  2. […] also made fat bombs for the first time. I mentioned fat bombs in an earlier post, but didn’t actually get around to making them until today (mainly because I didn’t get […]

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