A transformational journey into health and feelin' sexy!

My Reward!I’ve been struggling with whether or not to post my current weight on here, although I’m sure it isn’t hard to figure out… but I think I will leave it for a bit longer. But I will say that today marked a very important milestone. 🙂 I promised myself when I reached this milestone I would buy myself a reward, and so I did! (look right)

For those that don’t know, “Keep Calm and Keto On” is sort of a Keto “motto”. I don’t know the real reason behind it, but I can assume that it’s probably because sometimes battling carb addiction and the inevitable road bumps that come along with a diet that is as far from mainstream as you can get can be a little bit frustrating, and when that happens you just have to suck it up and… keto on!

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to post for today… Keto on, friends!


Weight Loss So Far: 22.0lbs
Weight Loss to Go: 60.8lbs
Fat Fashion Fund: $88


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