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Well, you may be wondering why I haven’t updated lately… unfortunately, my progress has slowed significantly (and subsequently so have my updates). It does happen to a lot of people, regardless of diet plan, and more often happens to women than men. It typically can be attributed to your body adjusting and adapting to your new diet. Fortunately I haven’t really gone up in weight, just kind of hovered. I have also been very busy and distracted lately due to my wedding coming up crazy fast. Only 2 months to go! Ahhh! If you happen to be interested in following my wedding progress, you can visit my wedding blog over at avancouverwedding.wordpress.com.

Anyways, despite the slowed progress and wedding pressure, I’ve stuck on the wagon, and am still keto’ing as usual. I did fall off briefly a couple weeks ago due to an out of town guest visiting, leading to a couple nights of partying and clubbing, which involved a few too many rounds of shots being bought for me and not always knowing exactly how many carbs are in said shots… Ah well, it happens, but I’m back on board now!

img_0445I also bought some ketostix online a few weeks back. For those that don’t know what ketostix are, they’re basically a little strip, produced  by Bayer, that you pee on and it turns pink or purple if you’re in ketosis (i.e. measures the ketones expelled in your urine). A couple things to note about ketostix;

  1. They can be unreliable. BUT in saying that, they are really only unreliable in one way. Basically, if your body is very keto-adapted, and efficiently using your fat stores for energy, it can use the ketones produced so efficiently that there are none left to be expelled. So you could technically get a false negative, meaning you could be in ketosis but it tells you that you’re not. This is more common for people who have been on keto for a long time (think years).
  2. The colour of pink/purple does not matter in relevance to ketosis. If it’s pink, purple, or any colour in between, you are in ketosis. There is no “a little bit keto” or “very keto” it’s just ketosis, or not ketosis. Many keto newbies get confused on this point because they think if it’s only light pink they aren’t in ketosis enough. In reality, the difference in colour is based solely on how hydrated you are. If you have more water in your system, the ketones will be more diluted, and the strip will be lighter pink. If you’re dehydrated, it will be darker purple.

So the key is remembering, as long as it’s not beige, you’re good (and even sometimes it can be beige and you’re still good, just look for other symptoms of ketosis).

So, according to my ketostix I have been solidly keto (aside from that one blip). This has allowed me to test out my upper limits by increasing my carb intake slowly and seeing if I maintain ketosis. I managed to get up to 50g of carbs per day and still maintain ketosis (lucky me!), at which point I decided I’d better not tempt fate and cut myself off there. So I didn’t really find my upper limit, but I did manage to double my daily intake and not lose sleep over it. It kind of makes me feel a little silly over all the anxiety I felt at Thanksgiving due to eating a sliver of pumpkin pie and going up to a whopping 36g for the day 😛

Anyways, that’s all for today… keto on!


Weight Loss So Far: 45.6lbs
Weight Loss to Go: 36.2lbs
Fat Fashion Fund: $200


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