A transformational journey into health and feelin' sexy!


Hi there, my name is Dani and I’m on a fantastic journey into becoming healthy and looking good 🙂 My magic carpet on this ride is a diet known as keto. I have a semi-decent summary of what keto is and how it works in my first post, found here.

I read an article recently comparing the results of adults trying to lose weight and the effect that eating breakfast regularly has. The research study found no noticeable weight loss difference between those who ate breakfast and those who did not, however those who actually did see better results were those who were used to eating breakfast and stopped, and those who were not used to eating breakfast and started; i.e. those who changed their habit saw better results. From that, and also from reading through many many weight loss success stories on the interwebs I have learned one important thing; there is no one diet that works for everyone, but as long as you change what you are doing you will see results.

This is why I have decided a ketogenic diet is right for me. My regular diet is very carb-heavy, and more recently my fiance has moved here from the UK and my diet has become even MORE carb-heavy (I’ve come to learn that in the UK their diet consists mainly of bread, potatoes, chips, and pastries). So I will change my routine and I *will* see results. I have tried the South Beach diet before, but didn’t fully understand the concept behind it. After learning about keto and doing a lot of research, I understand why I had results, why the South Beach diet is a temporary solution, and how a keto diet can be a permanent one.



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